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06.11.2020 , 01:00 PM | #36
Today, I couldn't even close the welcome window at first. Culprit is the _PlayerGUIState.ini file where the game seems to always write "GUI_WelcomeWindowIsOpen = false" even though it's open. Editing the file manually before starting the game works, but only until you log out. Anyway, seems like the game is going to remember the window's state permanently per character, which is good.

Now we just need back a way to close the social bar when we don't feel social. Don't forget that. Seriously, dont!

I like that the icon for the closed chat bar icon now fades out, so we no longer have it in cutscenes, but why include it in the chat window? Now it hovers somewhere in mid air when your chat window isn't in the upper left corner. It also should only fade in when we move the mouse around the invisible icon, not the whole chat-window-area. Why not simply add a chat-window-toggle to the social bar?

Anyway, please make the "closed social bar"-icon fade out as well, and let us move both, the chat window and the social bar fully to the corners of the screen. Having a gap between UI elements and the screen borders is triggering my OCD.

And next time you're looking for something to do UI-wise:
- Let us sort the companion list, add favorites, or at least put all our original class companions in one category.
- The tutorial window is empty when you open it while having a pending tutorial alert but also having alerts disabled.
- The conquest-winner and stronghold-name popups don't fade out properly (seems to be tied to your movement)
- The conquest objective popup comes too frequently, can't be disabled and can't be closed manually.
Let us turn off that gaudy flashing icon over every vendor's head.
Let us sort our companion list and hide or kick out the unwanted ones!