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A couple of quick points of feedback.

1. The Cartel Market feature seems to be 'outside' of the window itself. There's not really a border around the bottom of it, which looks... odd, to say the least.

2. I don't like the new social bar, especially for the fact that it no longer says the planet name. The magnifying glass icon + the number of players in the instance just feels odd and awkward. The bar no longer matches the original 'style' of the game's UI; it's no longer fully customizable; and it's less easy to read at a glance than it was before.

3. It would probably be better if "Critical Path" and "Conquest" priorities were labeled. I understand purple = story, but it wasn't super clear to me at a glance what either of the two missions actually meant.

4. Every time I left the galaxy map, the window would reopen.

Generally, I'm not sure if this feature is very needed. It feels kind of odd and out of place, and I very much preferred the original implementation of the social bar.
IMO: it is evident that the team is attempting to add something new.
** What is the primary reason behind the addition
** Are the benefits genuine enough to warrant the changes. (Particularly since the team really is making an effort to improve the game)
** Will the changes affect the current customizable format that most of us obviously enjoy a great deal. The current UI is REALLY nice... PLEASE don't mess it up !
** Can we customize the new additions: placement and orientation to the relevance of necessity for me / size

These are some basic questions for me at this point. I'm quite certain that there are some more that are better.

Again: I'm not trying to get on any ones case about this. I like the game.

But please: work with us on this !!
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