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Great to hear! This will certainly be a big motivation for my group when running nightmare mode. Not that we will really need any more 224 gear by the time 4.2 comes around, but at least we won't feel punished for running more difficult content, and there are always alts to equip.

Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
The reason that we did not make it this way initially is we had concerns about players ability to gain best in slot gear extremely quickly.
This should have been included in your first post about nightmare loot for some damage control. I like this sentence because it shows that you base your decisions on reasons and not arbitrariness.

But I'm wondering why you will not admit a mistake, because I saw no apology in this post. E.g. something like "We didn't take into account that players would farm highlighted HMs on multiple toons and send it to the main via legacy gear" or "We didn't expect players to 4-man a HM boss" would have worked as an apology.
Instead, I'm worried that the developers have not really understood why this is such a huge issue to some players, and if we will get similar decisions again in the future. If you really want to earn back the trust of the endgame players, such an apology would be a good start, along with explaining why you added EV and KP to the list of Priority Targets. For now, I am still not convinced that BioWare is committed to pleasing the raiding community.

Follow up question, will nightmare drop both 220 and 224 gear (like Highlighted HM), or only 224? And will there be any MK-2 pieces with 224 gear? Tanks want to get their lettered mods.
Also, can we expect that loot bugs will be fixed in a timely manner going forward? There's nothing worse than killing a boss only for the loot to be bugged. It seems like Customer Service will no longer help out when loot is bugged (they didn't grant us the loot for Dread Council HM during Priority Target), so we have to rely on the devs to have the bug fixed the next time we kill the boss.
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