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You can get to Shadowtown as an Imperial:
1) go to Upper Industrial Center
2) talk to Capt. Westro
3) talk to Agent Kayd
4) go to Network Security District
5) accept the exploration mission thru' Chiiv.
A datacron and a yellow shard are in Shadowtown. I found that for datacrons and shards that require a lot of precarious jumping, using a character that has 'Phase Walk' such as my Sorcerer helps a lot. I can set the marker down on the place where I successfully made a jump so that I don't have to start from the beginning if I fall when attempting the next jump.
Good answer, but seven years too late for those folks above.
Something you find difficult is a lesson on how to play better, not a punishment for playing badly.
To go to Belsavis, you must go to Belsavis.
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