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12.13.2011 , 02:08 PM | #5003
I'm sorry, but the RELEASE date was 12/20!!!!!/2011. For some of you(not me yet) are playing a WEEK before the release was supposed to happen. Be happy that any server problems they may be experiencing is now, not on the 20th. Someone wrote in this forum that they feel they wasted $90 on this and no staggered entrance was ever mentioned when you bought it,(right now your still playing or might be playing before the 15th, which still maybe 8 days sooner than originally promised) and feel that they received poor customer service. For you I am saying relax, enjoy the fact that you get to play before the 20th(WHICH WAS THE ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE!) let alone the 15th!!! Even if you don't get in before the 15th, as long as you play the 20th you got your $90 worth. I'm not playing yet, but I am not at all upset with the way things are going so far. Would you rather sit in a loading screen and not be playing on the day the release date? Or would you rather set up your toon the way you want him/her and start getting the fun out of it your want to. Take a deep breath yall and enjoy the ride. It is going to be a little bumpy at first but will hopefully smooth out soon. Your money is not wasted until you are not able to play after the 20th!