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The proof for a need of Mac support is not complex. It is simply good business. Any company with a "fastest growing market" should be taken advantage of. Simply for monetary gain. Is this really so hard to grasp?

Users who post here ask for proof that the Mac platform should be supported. Well you could look at the stock market if you are searching for figures. The company in question has been removed from stock numbers in order to give a more realistic view of the market. Apple has been so successful during the recession that analysts are ruling out their gains in order to show what the market picture really is.

Forget the Apple name, label it company X. If company X was gaining that kind of stock share AND it was a computer company would it simply not make sense to improve revenue stream by adding support to a fast growing, well supported platform?

PC users call for numbers and figures, I refer you to the NYSE. There is money to be made, that is the simple argument.

Those of us Mac users who are creative professionals resent the labels given by PC users. Would it really be fair to label Alienware users as nothing more than grossly overweight gaming nerds who pay for over priced plastic computers? I don't think that is a fair assessment nor do I think that all Mac users are trendy hipsters, a great many of use work for a living.

Be respectful and you will be treated likewise.
You assumption fails to take into account that company X is doing well because of a product line unrelated to gaming, unless you are in fact proposing an iOS ipad client. The computer sales can not be translated into their stocks when their sales pail in comparison to ipads, ipods which are in fact the reason the company is growing at all. One only needs to look at the company X before their trendy little windows CE knockoffs to see how little their computer sales are in the scheme of things.

Oh and Alienware owner's are trendy hipsters smart enough to get actual power for their money, not waste it on an apple logo. Gaming geeks build their own PCs, spend a lot less on hardwarr that makes company X's product look like company F.

Anyways, you bought Mac knowing full well that game devs as a whole did not code for it. Learn to adapt with tools already available instead of demanding someone else foot the bill for you. They arenot obligated to provide you with a Mac client(period)
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