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12.13.2011 , 09:44 AM | #1226
Well I can wait if I have to but looking at it from a point of view of early access being a gift is patently nonsense. This gift for early access has cost all of us the equivalent of 5 for early access. That is a fee not a gift you don't pay for gifts.

For those who gain access today that figure is equal to just over 20 per month. More than double the monthly subscription. For those who won't gain access for another two days that equivalent monthly figure would rise to 30, more than treble the monthly subscription.

So can we stop the this is a gift thrust. It isn't at all its a service that those who have been playing beta the earliest are paying a large tariff for, and those that played the beta later are effectively paying an even higher tariff.

I don't really see any gift of kindness from either EA or BW, just a clever way to generate a little extra startup revenue. I don't blame them they are in business after all, but please can posters stop with the generous christmas gift of EGA in answer to those players who naturally want to get into the game also.
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