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Just remember the Inquisitor was from a bloodline of a famous or infamous sith called Kallig who was betrayed by Tulak Horde because he was threatened by Kallig's substantial mastery of the force and he didn't trust the man anyway.

All evidence of Kallig was wiped from history except in minor details, and not a lot of details were known about Kallig from those days, so we have no way of knowing is Kallig was a Sith a human or an alien, but he was known to be more pro-alien than the rest of the sith from his time.

There is no way to know if Kallig was a true sith blood or not and we also have no way of knowing how pure the inquisitor's dna and blood is. A lot of sith from the old republic era kept their distinct red skin and bone protrustions but they would of been more than 80% human because of generations of interbreeding between human slaves and sith and sith-human hybrids.

with that written, force affinity is usually carried to children of force sensitive children, it doesn't discriminate on who or what they are. It's possible the power sleeping from within the inquisitor is from Kallig himself or just over generations building on.

but that doesn't explain non force sensitive parents having froce sensitive children. could be luck of the draw as to how powerful one can be in the force.