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Quote: Originally Posted by TinaLovesHan View Post
...and where is Zenith? :P
Plus one for the "where is Zenith" queue/pitchfork protest. He's an underrated companion and the only part of the Consular story I really liked. I always said he should have been a romance option from day one (especially for neutral/DS consulars) so I hope when he does return, they've allowed this (and we get to find out his real name).* Charles did say 6.2 would be crazy! And whilst I'm on the subject of crazy, another of my crazy theories:

Quote: Originally Posted by TrixxieTriss View Post
So disappointed. Absolutely nothing about the bugs or fixing them.
I have hope that the list of incoming fixes is so long that the patch notes will require a separate huge bug fix appendix & Lord P'tach Musco is currently building up the stamina to write them.*

*I realise I'm opening myself to being severely disappointed in relation to all the above
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