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  • Does the current combat rotation make this experience feel like you are playing a Mercenary? Why or why not?

Depends on what exactly you want us to understand as "Mercenary"? If you mean how the current 3 disciplines feel, then there is a straight-forward answer, but if you are asking from a thematic experience, then this is going to take a while.

My assumption is that you do mean thematic-wise, in which case the answer has always been no, but now even more glaringly so than before. A Mercenary in the thematic sense, given what we know about Star Wars, is someone who is the definition of "prepared for everything and so good at it they don't do it for free". Neither the feel of being prepared for any situation is there nor that you are good enough to warrant people's confidence. Mercenaries suffer arguably the most on a thematic perspective from the Ability pruning and the choice-restrictions, because now they no longer feel like they are ready for anything, but that they are so broke they are forced to choose what NOT to be prepared for. And if that isn't the MO of a horrible merc who's not worth a single credit, I don't know what is. Currently, Mercenaries just feel like Gunslingers but with a little more flashyness. Just a little.
  • If you have feedback on the different discipline, please note your feedback accordingly so we can track it.

Bodyguard Mercenary is probably the only one who doesn't need reparatory compensation of some sort.

Innovative Ordnance right now is suffering extremely. Vent Heat and Thermal Sensor Override being fused hurts because you have a lot less control over your heat now, which in turn makes overheating a lot easier. One way of getting around that was being able to hard spam Supercharged Gas, but that too has been considerably lowered with the removal of Jet Rebounder. As it stands right now, Innovative Ordnance has such a ressource management issue that I see it become the least played discipline very, very quickly. There are 2 ways I would fix the heat issues. 1) Critical Damage over Time effects reduce your heat by 1 while Supercharged Gas is active. 2) just reduce the flat costs for Serrated Shot and Incendiary Missile by 5 each.

Arsenal mainly suffers in its peak damage because Apex Predator's bonus is not available as a Legendary, but it has offered an alternative, if one can call it that, by making Tracer Missile a lot more spammable with a choice for 0.2s reduced cast time and -2 heat cost. The difference is still there, and still noticeable, but I doubt that it will warrant any additions to compensate on the damage loss. Arsenal feels the same as it did before, but it is no longer as bursty with parsing as it is in its current live version.
  • As you’re beginning from level 1, do you feel you have enough abilities that keep gameplay interesting?

Leveling, at least for me, hasn't changed enough to warrant any detailed notifications on changes, so my answer is yes, I feel there are enough Abilities for an interesting leveling.
  • Are you able to defeat enemies at a reasonable rate?

Only if I play Arsenal. As Innovative Ordnance, depending on what mechanics your enemy has, you overheat so fast and so frequently you can't even take down a single Elite NPC without the use of every defensive cooldown and a healer ally/companion. Bodyguard mercs are heals so the answer is obviously no for that one.
  • Do all your abilities feel like they’re working together?

Since I mainly play Arsenal, yes. The synergy between all Abilities that are relevant is present. I will say that the biggest positive change is that they do so even more than before, mainly due to how Heatseeker missiles (If that choice was made) inflicts a debuff that makes Tracer Missiles deal 5% more damage, making Tracer an even better filler Ability for when all your rotational Abilities are on cooldown.