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11.28.2021 , 10:51 AM | #83
Streamlining is a great idea when you have many abilities. To streamline, you do three things:
1. Combine current skills.
2. Make some existing active skills into passive skills.
3. Allow players to have some options on which skills to have active and which to have passive.
What you have done is nerfing. Taking away skills through forced choices is not streamlining; it is only annoying. You will drive away people from the current player base. For example, my two favorite classes are Merc and Sorc. I will not play either anymore, but will try to adjust to other classes (all of which I have at max level). New players should not be affected.
I strongly suggest that you keep the current skill-tree system until you can revamp your attempt in a positive direction.
My comments come after watching many videos of people on the PTS. The PTS is still downloading for me.