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12.13.2011 , 09:28 AM | #1012
I have read through this thread and wanted to say a few things

1) EU servers are up and active, some did go down though. I know this 'cos my very happy fiancee is next to me on his computer playing on the Hex Droid server.

2) Seriously? I think a staggered EARLY ACCESS launch is a great idea. Just think back to the beta - everyone doing the same quests, everything dead and waiting for a while to respawn so you can do it then trying to turn quests in when so many people around the quest giver etc.

It is early access, the fact you're getting in before the official release date is awesome. Not many places would do that.

Like I said, my fiancee is in, I'm not yet and you know what? I don't mind waiting. It is an awesome game and it is worth the wait in my opinion.

Also did many of you realise that the servers went up around 5am Austin time? Mr Stephen himself was waiting for his lift at 4am this morning to get to work to set this up for everyone. Those of you who woke up for the launch of the EGA, just think about them getting up earlier to make sure it runs correctly and making sure everyone can access everything.

So just chill your boots and do one of the many mundane tasks you usually should do everyday in life (like eat, take a shower, say hi to the mother... well maybe not that one) because let's face it, the minute you're in everything else will go out of the window