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11.08.2020 , 04:03 PM | #18
Everyone giving newbie advice in this thread seem to be missing a few bigger points.

>If GSF was more newbie-friendly, it'd probably have a much larger playerbase by now.

>If matchmaking could balance teams better, we'd have less lopsided matches, which would be more enjoyable for everyone, newbies and veterans alike.

I don't think it's a stretch to assume that MOST casual players who try out GSF for the first time and doesn't like it due to the huge imbalances, DOESN'T instantly go and read guides etc (ie git gud). I'd also venture a guess that many of those, had they liked it the first time, would in time read guides to improve. Most people ask themselves "do I enjoy this?" before "do I want to get better at this?", and this only if the answer to the former was "yes".

IMO, If nothing changes, the GSF playerbase is unlikely to grow at all, and it'll probably just remain in its current state. Which, at only a single concurrent match at any time and queues stopping to pop really early (at least on my server), is kind of pitiful.
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