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10.31.2020 , 02:13 PM | #17
First of all Welcome to GSF. Good to see new players giving it a go.

Everything has pretty much been covered but I would like to add my two pennies.

Firstly its less about having maxed ships than you think, and more about skill and knowledge of the game. I know you won't believe this, I didn't when I started, but its true. A Veteran Ace in a Stock ship will still seem like a formidable opponent to you. I have screen shots and videos to prove it, as do many others here.

GSF is a very high skill ceiling game with a very poor tutorial. But be 100% assured that everyone here suffered greatly trying to get to grips with the game when they started out. It is not the sort of game where you can come in smash buttons and do well. I often see newbies saying that they unload their entire payload or weapon charge at someone and did no damage - 99% of the time those newbies are not actually making contact. I have never seen someone fresh and new to it get more than circa 15% accuracy, and it doesn't matter what weapons you select or how upgraded they are, that kind of accuracy is the single biggest reason newbies don't do damage. Not the lack of upgraded ships. The second reason you don't damage and die a lot of lack of understanding of the game. Both can only be addressed with time.

It just takes a little patience, determination and tenacity and you will start getting the hang of it. But be assured that it is a complex game with lots of build options and it takes a long time to fully understand it, even once you start to see yourself improving and actually having an effect on matches, your knowledge of the game will still be very small. It's good that you are giving it until you have a maxed ship to judge it, but that's still too soon to make a judgement. A maxed ship is not going to turn you into an Ace or even an average pilot. Again the only thing that will do that is time and practice, understanding of the game and its many complexities.

I strongly recommend you watch all the tutorial videos you have been given. I remember feeling the way you do now, but I also remember telling myself if others can do it so can I. GSF is the type of game that determines your mindset. You either like a challenge and are determined to get it (very rewarding feeling when you do) or you give up because its too hard.

To close I will make the same offer that has been made to me along my journey from several different people at different stages of my skill..... if you would like some direct coaching, I am happy to help you.
-Luc Nodaro