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10.23.2020 , 12:01 PM | #12
Ten medals in a badly losing DOM match? How about these ones:

Assassin 1 solo kill (probably a proton torp, but railguns work too).
Combatant 10k damage dealt.
Mechanic 2k repaired, (if getting butt kicked hydrospanner self heals will take care of this).
Assault Destroyed 2 defense turrets.
Siege Destroyed 6 defense turrets
Demolisher Destroyed 8 defense turrets (actually a lot easier in losing games because there are more enemy turrets to pop).
Quick Draw 2 kills
Support 4 assists

That' the 8 easy ones, but with some combination of Defense 1 min, Offense capture 1 objective, Fighter 8 kill assists, Ace 5 kills, and Destroyer 20k damage it should be doable to cobble together the last two with a bit of effort. Maybe even 30k damage if you cheese Ion railgun AOE at bomber junk around a sat.

Sounds like a fairly modest mid-pack scoreboard line to me.

Sure, you could get less, but 10 is fairly unremarkable a level of decent competence. Getting well into the teens might be a stretch, but 10 is maybe more within reach than some people realize.
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