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I got curbstomped in my first 10-20 matches, then I went and did research and watched vids, and no longer got curbstomped. It helps that I am an FPS player which helped me a lot with my aim...I never took getting curbstomped as a discouragment but as a challenge...
YOU did it. I had the same problem too, but I did it. But I really like this PvP activity, if not for it, I would leave SWTOR permanently long ago.
The problem is - how much people just tried the gsf got curbstomped few times (or were in 500:1000 DOM match, where they couldn't absolutely do anything, because people did 2:1 split) then said 'meh, *** it'?... The fact that *you* had the dedication doesn't mean *others* will. Maybe those others *would* stay and get better if not for the fact that they were discouraged at the start?...
Also, don't forget that GSF is a team game. You won't do anything about good premade alone.

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15k+ dmg or 10medals is what I consider a decent player....
With all due respect, you didn't even differentiate between TDM and DOM here. That says something
Also, assuming you'd say '15k+ dam in TDM or 10 medals in DOM - good luck getting 10 medals in DOM against a good premade with newbs at your team. Unless they decide to extend your suffering and leave you at one sat alone. 15k+ with (1 good pilot and newbs against premade) in TDM is doable... with an T1 GS and AoE ion rail. Which won't change the result much...

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90% of players I encounter on either teams cant even manage that...
Where did you get that '90%'?... because I can say that is an absolute fake number, unless GSF community on your server is totally fresh.

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If you do your minimum research and put a minimum effort in the game and have the minimum motor skills, you should be able to get through those thresholds, unless you have 10 Sprigs flying on the other team.
You can get 15k damage and still do practically nothing. Especially in DOM.

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This is how a competitive game goes: You start as a noob getting rekt=> You do your research => You apply your research in your gameplay=> You improve your skills=>You rek noobs, if you don't get to the last part, you rinse and repeat the first 3.
Now, will people have the MOTIVATION to do it? Because that's what I am saying about. Initial curbstomp will flush most people from the queuing, so you will get the matchmaker with easier work but way lower playerbase to choose from. Resulting in longer waiting times.