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We are recruiting!

Guild Overview

  • Atmosphere - Social/Casual
  • Conquest Yield - Large + Weekly Raffle/Prizes
  • Guild Level - 93
  • Guild Set Bonus - Alacrity
  • Region - APAC/Oceanic
  • Most Active - Weekends, some weeknights
  • Raid Level - SM & HM + Prog Teams
  • Raid Teams - Four: 2 Full, 2 Recruting (see Operations section below)


Originally founded on Dalborra back in March 2012, Corvus/Korvus is a cross-faction social/casual APAC/Oceanic based Guild with a relaxed atmosphere. We are more active on Imperial Side than Republic side.

We play primarily in AEST/NZ friendly times but we also have members who play in AWST/SGT times and US times zones. We are typically more active on weekends than weeknights.

If you like:

- PvP
- Operations
- Flashpoints
- Conquest (large yield)
- GSF (when it pops)
- Other in-game things
- Social Events and hanging out

This is the Guild for you! We do a little bit of everything!

What is required of you?

- Have a sense of humour or an appreciation of humour (aka not easily offended, we are primarily Aussies/Kiwis after all)
- Have fun and hang out with Guildies. We highly encourage being social but a mic is not required!
- If you want to do harder content, a desire to learn and improve yourself and be receptive to feedback.
- Our conversations/chat can get a little NSFW so ideally, members should be 18+.
- Join our Discord to keep up to date with all Guild happenings.


Much like our guild atmosphere, our raid teams are casual but we do expect commitment. We currently have 2 full progression teams. Both have cleared SM Dxun and are starting to go into HM Content now.

We are currently looking for more for two more raid teams. One on Republic side (Tuesday or Wednesday night NZ/East Coast Aussie) and one US/Weekend Team that'll runs Sunday arvo (NZ Aussie East Coast), Saturday night (US Pacific).

We also do a 16 man SM run (+ WB's sometimes) on Saturday nights (Aussie East Coast/NZ) that everyone is invited to! It's a good time for people new to Ops to come and learn them and for everyone to get their 16-man achievements!

Current Operation Run Times

- Thursday Prog Team - 10:30 pm NZ / 8:30 pm AEDT [FULL]
- Friday Prog Team - 10:30 pm NZ / 8:30 pm AEDT [FULL]
- Saturday Night 16 Man - 10:30 pm NZ / 8:30 pm AEDT [no set team, everyone's invited!]
- Weekend (US) Team - Sunday 5 pm NZ/ 3 pm AEDT, Saturday 10 pm PST [recruiting all roles]
- Republic Team - Tuesday 10 pm NZ / 8 pm AEDT [recruting 2 DPS & 2 Heals]

Note times may vary slightly due to IRL commitments of raid leads. We also occasionally do spontaneous GF or SM runs in the evenings throughout the week usually around 9 pm NZ/7 pm AEST or later.

We also welcome subs for all our teams (due to IRL commitments sub spots open up somewhat frequently).


We are actively participating in Large Yield Conquest mainly to get all the shiny gear rewards. To facilitate this we have a weekly Conquest Raffle, drawn every Tuesday night. Prizes are usually varying amounts of Credits, MK-11 Kits, Mats and other shinies.

We have even placed in the Top 10 a couple of times in recent weeks.

How to Join

Whether you’re experienced, new to the game or returning to the game you’ll find a home with us!

If you would like to join us, just /who Korvus and whisper Moonstorm (alternate characters) or Xam Xam (or anyone online) and ask for an invite, join our Discord and introduce yourself (note access to our Discord is limited until we verify that you've joined the Guild, so you'll only see a couple of channels initially).

For more information, including Guild Rules, see our Discord. If you have any questions, you can ask in Discord!
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