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I hate to be a downer but seriously - you're talking about a feature a guy they fired promised a year ago would be in soon after launch...
No, actually they only ever said it WILL be included as post-launch content. That means any point after launch, and has been more recently clarified to "this year". I am going to give them this year to include the content or at least give us an update on a delay before I write this off entirely.

The writers have known all along which companion characters would have same-gender romantic options. Comparing this content to hood toggles, which have more complicated requirements than you may realize, is silly. It takes time in development, and they have told us that they want to take that time, rather than rush out something crappy.

Let them take their time. It will come, they have committed to it and, at this point, having braved the storm of controversy and seen how unexpectedly eager players are for same-gender content (which they admitted surprised them) they are not likely to abandon the commitment now.

On the other hand, they also flat out told us that they aren't going to have a lot to say about this until it is close to rolling out. So it's probably not yet. They gave us a loose ballpark time, which is what we asked for, as "this year". That gives them the time they feel they need to do it right. Try to be patient with that.