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06.13.2012 , 01:37 PM | #44
I'm not saying SGR's are not coming, I'm still hoping for them, even have some hope for them coming this year, but I can't understand why some of you seem to believe every statement someone at BW does.

In case of DA2 and ME3 there've been people from BW lying to fans, to the press etc..
A few months before release Hudson was still talking about how there would be so many versions of ME3's ending, that you couldn't even call it a conventional ending. Certainly not a choose option a,b or c ending.
And what did we get? exactly that.

BW is working for EA now, they'll say anything to appease people.
If they wouldn't really plan to include SGR, wouldn't they be doing exactly what they are doing now.

Telling people it will come, without a timeframe, without anything specific, just to keep the cattle from boiling over?

I still have some hope for BW and I desperately hope for an SGR update this year but we shouldn't be too naive and trusting in BW is all I'm saying.

I have a Gunslinger waiting for Akaavi, an SW waiting for Vette and a Jedi waiting for Kiara to come around, but I'm definitely not going to wait for ages while paying for a subscription.

I give them 1-2 months, if by then we don't get more assuring iformation regarding this, I'll let my account rest.