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It has to be interesting and have a point otherwise why wouldn't we all just go play some FPS or RTS for PvP. That means some sort of interesting larger sustainable game mechanic that the developers put in place. Even a game like Eve Online which has very little in the way of rules has some incentive to 'own' property and destroy someone else's. I've got RL objectives that mean way more than this game and if a developer can't develop a system that has some incentive for sustainable open world PvP then they've failed IRL to meet their stated objective to have open world PvP. I don't think many people would accept the "just have fun with a ball of crap and like it" solution. That doesn't mean that players won't ever drive interesting events in this game, but there has to be a basis for the conflict.

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After much thought, world pvp cannot be made perfect by the developers, or if at all. In wow, world pvp was created by the players, and the gave incentives by the developers later in the form of achievements and such. But people have to realize..... Do you really need a reward to pvp? Or can u just play for fun and skill? I remember on azgalor ( a wow pvp server) many years ago had the best 4 horde guilds ( equiv to empire ) team up, and sacked stormwind, the alliance's Capitol city...... They held the city for 2 days, and then blizzard had to server reset because the alliance couldn't get in!!!!

Did the horde get rewarded for sieging the city? None at all. But it was fun. Bioware, please open Capitol worlds. Or, make a city on each planet and grant rewards to the faction that controls most of them! All of the planets have markers that either say empire, republic, or contested! Why not borrow winter grasp, but use it on each world, slowly implementing them planet by planet and show the war you created!