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A bunch of players, mostly ranked players, consistently complained about people leaving war zones early. The suspicion was that it was part of wintrading. So the devs decided to throw the baby out with the bath water and bring the hammer down on ANYONE who leaves a war zone early for ANY reason. And they looked upon their work and called it good.

Donít get me wrong. Being in an arena and watching half your team decide to nope out on the queue for one reason or another really sucks. But there are so many other options for preventing this that donít involve bending players over a metaphorical table and making them squeal like a pig for twenty minutes.
you're conflating things and going to incur a lot of ire.

ranked players were complaining about people leaving. and it was used in win-trading. that was all in ranked arena matches. it had absolutely nothing to do with WZs.

separately, there have always been players who complain about ppl leaving WZs. those players stick to a code that you stick out the WZ no matter what, etc. they aren't ranked players or the ones who were concerned with wintrading.

generally, ranked players in WZs don't care about the WZs they're in. they just run around busting heads. they could care less about forum noise or anything else.