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2) When there's multiple targets you target the weak ones first and it doesn't matter if you're single target DPS or AoE - you do this, it is your job to do this.

Why? Several main reasons. I'll explain:

If the big enemies outlive the small enemies this is a sign you are not doing your part in the trinity setup, your tank+healer are sighing behind their monitors. Once the small enemies are all dead you can go back to staring at your perfect rotation making the big numbers happen on the boss.
These contradict each other.

Please SWTOR community, teach DPS how to play their role. Bad tanks and bad healers are actually really uncommon in group finder. A huge proportion of DPS are awful, though.
Not according to the "Weird people you meet in Group Finder" thread. In fact, the very first post in there is about a bad tank.
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