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I think this isn't a discussion of the OS. There will be people who don't want to make the effort of bootcamp and who only use macs. I use an MBP at work and at home, I also use Redhat and Slackware heaps, and I have 2 windows machines whose primary purpose is gaming.

So, undiluted, the facts are:

- The game runs fine on bootcamp (compatibility wise, your specs define your actual experience regardless of OS). Bootcamp is NOT an emulated or virtualised environment. The OS runs native on the hardware, windows and Mac OS alike.
- Creating a Mac client will take development and budget, both of which will need to be taken from somewhere else (impossible to avoid, work is never done for free or instant).
- GPU manufacturers are not proactive in providing MacOS drivers (see and try finding Mac drivers on their sites). Mostly, Apple brings out drivers but support is far less than for Windows

The first is a simple fact, bootcamp is nice for running Linux or windows on any Intel based Mac.

The second and third are also known fact, and will be ongoing issues should they still decide to create such a client. Money and time will go to supporting something which does nothing but provide an easier alternative (not an only alternative) to what STILL is a small section of the player base (how else are you here posting if you're not already playing?). Drivers are not likely to see official and broad support for Mac from their manufacturers, not for gaming at least.

Tablets are not really a part of this discussion, tablets feature onboard graphics processors, they won't be switching to cards any time soon.

Sure, I'd like to be able to play swtor on my MBP, which is a nice new one with good GPU. But I have bootcamp and Windows isn't that hard to get. The *ONLY* counter point is that Windows obviously costs money, and you have to do some extra effort to play the game.

- Effort: if you like the game, you'll make the effort to go into bootcamp. if you don't, oh well it was nice playing with you whilst it lasted
- Getting Windows: if you don't have Windows already you will need to pay, there are however MANY ways to get it for free or a lot cheaper (student, MSDN, etc).

Now personally, I suppose I can see why the second reason bothers people. Though how you have been mainstream gaming if you are 100% Mac Only I have no idea, you're quite restricted in your market. Then again, if you shell out the extra for an MBP or so, you can afford a Windows license. Again, if you feel you can't for the principle of it, it was nice playing with you.
I'm not a gamer, but I enjoy playing games.

Releasing a Mac OS X native client is the single largest infusion of subscribers and revenue they could generate, barring a full retail expansion. The game is already created - it doesn't take another 100% effort to create it for the Mac. You're looking at 10-15% overall effort to bring it to market comparatively. If that.

Slam-dunk ROI.
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