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People Bio-ware does not have your money. Your money is currently held at where ever you pre ordered. Bio-ware will NOT get the money until the 20th of December. So you are all immensely wrong when you say bio-ware has had your money for months. They haven't gotten anything from you (yet) so they owe you NOTHING. Early access was supposed to be Thursday get off your high horse and stop thinking you are entitled to something you have not helped create or pay for. All of us are lucky that Bio-ware is letting us in early. Patience is a virtue which unfortunately most of yall don't seem to have.
just playing devils advocate here,.. because still waiting,
but I ordered from Origin, which is EA, EA and Bioware are one now, and when you order from Origin you pay UPfront so yes Bioware does have my money and has had my money for months, that said now I'll wait for my email :P