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I disagree, respectfully.
First, the declaration that Senya "betrayed" the Outlander is stupid. It depends on the situation. My main JK is a guy who tried to redeem Vitiate at the end of his class story. So when Senya contacted him, telling him she wanted to try and redeem Arcann, he agreed. No betrayal here. Whether she succeeds or fails to turn him to the light side again is not the question.
The betrayal is subjective. My JK was always open about willing to give Arcann a chance.

Same goes for the "Arcann must die" mentality. I'd much rather have him live on and be forced to try and make amends for the rest of his life rather than stab him in the face and dance on his corpse. Or lock him up for life, powerless and tortured by what he has done or by the fact he can't do anything anymore. And if he is to turn back to the Light, I'll gladly take his help against Senya and his daddy. Helping to stop the mad Empress of Zakuul and the man who's eaten at least two worlds, caused five massive wars (Mandalorian, Revan's Sith, first return of the Sith Empire, Second one and by his manipulation of Arcann he also is responsible of the Eternal Fleet's onslaught.) and has been trying to wipe out all life in the galaxy, well, that counts for something in my book.

As such, if KotET gives us a choice, I know my JK will spare them both, while my DS5 SI will happily skewer them and other characters will decide depending on how important Senya's reason are to them. (Example: My (female) Smuggler has a very strong sense of family, I always played her like that. So when Chapter 16 comes around, she won't shoot Senya. Even though she thinks Arcann is probably too far gone, she believes Senya was a staunch ally during the preceding fights and deserves a chance to try. If she fails, my Smuggler will hunt and kill Arcann. But not Senya if she survived. Because she did what she thought was right. And coming from a character who's done only that since spawning on Ord Mantell, it would be extremely hypocritical to kill her for that.)
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