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05.09.2020 , 04:58 AM | #9
Were the Missions fun?
Absolutely! They offered up some game-play of a different variety and I'm really glad that they were across three planets.

Were the Missions the right length (not too long, not too short)?
I thought they were actually a decent length!

Were the objectives for each Mission clear?
The objective that wasn't immediately obvious for me was the lighting the flares near the stands. I didn't notice the small stands of NPCs scattered throughout the course on the first two runs! I put that down to my own lack of observation though.

Which gang's Missions did you like the most? The least?
The Horizon Razors were my absolute favourite. It felt speedy and like I was really racing. The Blantent Beks (loved that name, by the way) were still fun, but I felt could benefit from a slightly quicker base speed. The Pit Screamers were good! One or two mishaps where I didn't launch off of a ramp as intended, but I enjoyed it. That bike felt particularly slow, even when I successfully avoided obstacles, but that may be because it's the first one I tried and I didn't immediately realise it was more of an obstacle course.

Did each gang's objectives make the course feel a little different?
Yes, a lot more than I thought they would! The different bikes were a nice touch, too! Variety is good!

Because I was playing alone, I wasn't sure if my destroying (Blantent Beks) targets prevented other players passing through from doing the same. I just imagined having to re-do that a silly number of times if there had been 5 other people coming through at the same time. But I enjoyed this course.

Were you able to easily stay on the course?

Did you understand the bike abilities?
I thought they were all clear. I was just using the flare at the wrong times and it took me 2-3 laps to go "Ohhhhhh, those stands." But other than, fine!

Did the speed of the bike feel good?
The Horizon Razors felt good. I thought the other two could be a touch quicker.

What did you enjoy the most? What did you dislike?
You knocked it out of the park with the Onderon course! I loved it! Really, you did a great job. There's a lot of variety for players and that's much appreciated. It's nice to focus on something that builds on the culture of the world in the game and makes it feel more alive, rather than just fighting more NPCs all of the time.

What I really didn't like was the traps on the Tatooine course. I thought it was a good idea to keep each trap in the theme of the planet you were on, but the dust storms were quite subtle and it took me a moment to even work out what kept stopping me because they blended in so seamlessly with the environment in places. That's the only one I would look at.

After completing the first three races on Dantooine, my initial thought was "I wish that speed boost was about 2 seconds shorter!"

I do hope that you consider adding Manaan in there with Onderon, Tatooine and Dantooine some day.

This is a really fun idea for an event and I'm really glad that you took the time and effort to implement it for us.