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You’re making several very large opinion based and unprovable assumptions here. If a particular mob or boss is immune to slows, the argument doesn’t apply in the first place, so why bring that up when it’s a nonpoint that has nothing to do with the previous conversation? There are plenty of mobs and even bosses that can be slowed, too many for me to list every single one of them here. If a mob needs to be kited or the goal is to kite the mob, all I care about is if the person can actually kite the mob. In my guild if we need to kite a mob, sometimes that role falls to one of our melee guys who is a Guardian/Jugg, because the guy is a veteran player that knows what to do and how to kite mobs. You can argue it would be more efficient if we used one of the ranged guys as that would be a fair and legitimate argument. However simply because it’s not “optimal” doesn’t preclude the possibility of a Guardian/Jugg kiting a mob.

Also I find it telling that you seem to think people choosing to play differently than you do must automatically mean they’re a troll. Folks employing abilities differently than you, or using different strategy than you doesn’t make one a troll, especially if both strategies actually work. The fact you would even trying to bring that point up stinks of gatekeeping and is nothing but a modern spin on the “no true Scotsman” fallacy.
I'm not gatekeeping anything and I accept maybe I was a bit dismissive. Still I honestly can't think of a single enemy in this game that'd make sense to kite on Juggernaut. It seems incredibly silly to me, but to each their own I guess.
Actions speak louder than words. They can say what they want all day long, but their actions are what matter. If they say one thing but do another, then it doesn’t matter what they said because that’s not what happened. They say they want us to use a wider variety of toolkit, yet are massively shrinking the toolkit. They say they want to give us more choice, yet are stealing choices from us. They say they want choices to be more meaningful for our story, yet are restricting the choices and abilities we get to use on our characters. No matter how you slice it, that is factually less substance. You disliking it doesn’t make it any less true.
This is completely unreasonable. This is a test patch, that they've made very clear isn't near ready to be shipped. If they put something on test server, and make it clear that a certain aspect (the choices) aren't ready for testing yet, so we'll be provided some basic loadouts for testing purposes, saying that choice is limited by the loadouts is a silly critique. It's something that isn't what they're proposing to change.
I don’t know where the communication breakdown has occurred but there’s definitely one somewhere. My issue has never been about the range as you’re trying to make it out to be. My issue is that this change isn’t adding anything new, it’s simply shifting the source of the slow from one place to another while stealing control over it proccing from me. By tying it to a rotational ability it’s been made so you either skip that ability, or you waste our slow. As to why they made it 10m instead of sticking with 8m, they had to make a choice. Do they do a special bit of coding to keep the slow at 8m, do they reduce Blade Storm to 8m, or do they just call it 10m and a day? Going with the 10m allows them to pretend they’ve done this massive upgrade with the ability when they haven’t. You’re still not exceeding the original specs of Blade Storm, and all you’re doing is stealing control from people by shifting the source of the slow. If you want to call it an “upgrade” congratulations you’ve found a technicality to cling to without addressing the other issues. Doing something new would be combining those 2 powers, and giving us a single target slow. If they combined the abilities together AND upped the range to say 20m or even the 30m at the same time, that would be something new, even if overpowered beyond belief. Yet by the overhyping they’re doing for the Blade Storm adjustment, you would think they actually did make it baseline 30m, but they didn’t. All they’ve done is potentially combine the two powers and steal my control over when the slow actually goes off. It’s no different than if World of Warcraft suddenly recombined interrupts into the abilities they were previously. It’s not an upgrade, but a massive downgrade and a token gesture.
You did manage to bring up the range "complaint" twice in your video and in your original post. Going so far as to call it a dead ability when outside of range, while neglecting to notice that Freezing Force has the exact same issue.
See above, the range was not my complaint but was used to illustrate how it’s not the upgrade they make it out to be. Otherwise saying “these other classes are losing abilities as well” doesn’t make it better and actually proves my original point they’re just wanting to nerf everyone for no valid reason. “Those guys lost abilities as well” isn’t an argument and actually makes things worse.
It is a fine argument as far as balance is concerned. If all class will have their toolkits limited by having to choose between some of their current abilities, it makes no sense to raise balance concerns with them facing classes as they are now.