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07.26.2021 , 10:39 AM | #124
You're at a restaurant. You order food. The waiter climbs onto the table, drops his pants, and squats over a plate. "Hey, why are you pooping on my plate!?" demands the reasonable person. "How do you know it's poop, smart guy, it isn't even out yet!" responds several in this thread.

I just don't know how many PTS, betas, early access phases, etc. people need to see before they understand what's going to happen, and what isn't. Pattern recognition is meant to be a pretty big part of the human brain, but it seems to be malfunctioning, or missing entirely in so many here. Yes, "it isn't finished", and yes, it doesn't need to be in order to make reasonable extrapolation and judgement based on what we have. If you seriously believe they are going to make sweeping, foundational changes to their direction, I don't know what to do for you.