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04.07.2020 , 07:58 AM | #18
Not a decoration but:
I have my collection of mounts and pets displayed in my Yavin 4 SH. The other day, while sitting in the SH, I chose a random mount, and I thought "Wait a second, that's not on display, and nor is it listed as available".
I think the mount was the Ikas Firestarter**, but I'd have to check.
(It was red - I'm sure about that much. 😏 )

There were some mounts that wouldn't display before, but they were fixed. I wonder how many there still are, that won't display as decorations.

** I have all the Ikas speeders I own, placed in a group, and the Firestarter is not there, but I got side tracked and I haven't gotten back to make sure it's not misplaced somewhere else. However, the Ikas Firestarter is mentioned in the Bug Reports sub-forum as not being redeemable and not displaying as a deco.
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