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I love it! Bioware has actually done us all a favor by releasing in waves. Yes, they load tested the servers in beta, but did any of you sit down and think about having 1 million pre-order players all starting at the same time on every server? Can you imagine the wait time for sig mobs and interactions? The ganking of shinies, and general crowdedness of the prologue areas? I for one am glad that they have decided to do it this way. If you have waited for three or so years for the game, wouldn't you want to enjoy the game when you play instead of being frustrated with every other player competing for the same open world areas stuff? Just sayin.....But please keep up the whining, it is amusing.
I wish I could "Like" this post. Most of the crap going is a product of impatience. It's good to see someone else on these forums who understands the benefit of Bioware releasing invites in waves.