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Chapter 11

One Good Job

They had their breakfast in the main house. Before they all headed out to the yard, Chaaj asked Jase if he could ride a speeder. Jase had a quick flashback to when he and his mother were escaping from the Watchers. "Of course I can ride," Jase said, a little aggrieved. Hettir hopped on a speeder bike painted*blue and black that matched his armor. Parjir*was close behind him wearing dark grey armor with*yellow trim riding on a standard brown speeder. Jase was only wearing his standard T-shirt with his brown vest over it and black pants. Behind him was Brokar wearing his heavy armor, it was amazing that the speeder was even still* floating off the ground. and the last in the line was Chaaj who was in a less boastful outfit still in the original mandalorian armor but painted in a dark green pattern*with a cowl around his neck and a sniper rifle on his back next to the jetpack. They all wore jetpacks, and when Jase thought about it he felt a little out of place in the squad. They headed out of the farm and went south through*the forest to the staging point. It took an hour to get there. They kept the idle chatter to a minimum when they were five minutes away, Chaaj broke off from the group and headed west of the objective to his lookout position.

Chaaj reached his position and got to work setting up. He walked to the ledge*outcrop and placed a blanket down where he would observe the team and the convoy. He walked back to retrieve his sniper stand for his BL-28 rifle. "I was surprised at the kid's accuracy with that needler pistol," Chaaj said.* Brokar responded on the com "Weren't we all, glad I know how to pick'em." They had all reached their positions and Chaaj was now laying down looking through his scope. Weren't you the one who tried to scare him off, as I recall Hettir did a good job at being friendly. You certainly know how to open up boss," Parjir responded. Hettir sat down on his seat in position behind a tree "I'm just glad everything worked out, I have a feeling he'll be a real asset to the team."
Jase looked at Brokar who was next to him and noticed that he was making head movements*but not saying anything under his helmet. "Hey Brokar, have you got the signal?" Jase said. Brokar switched his off his com. "Not yet, did you bring any snacks?" Jase looked in his saddlebag on the speeder. There was one Jogan fruit, but Jase wasn't willing to share. "Uh sorry we're all out," Jase said. "Oh too bad, I get hungry*when I'm waiting." Brokar whined. "Hey heads up everybody, the convoy's coming," Chaaj warned. At that moment Jase could hear the repulsorlifts humming. "Okay boys get ready," Hettir said. A moment passed, "On my mark," The convoy just passed Brokar and Jase's position. It went a little more than Hettir*shouted "MARK." Immediately Brokar told the order to Jase and they set off behind the convoy a tad faster than it's pace.*

The driver looked over to his co-pilot, "Why do we get stuck with driving duty? I mean it's not like when bad stuff happens we're protected." The co-pilot returned*the glance "Yeah, but this armor has got to count for something right." The pilot sighed and looked back at his job, which was hard to do under the stuffy helmet, "That's just what they told you in basic training isn't it?" The pilot looked back at his buddy and he was replaced with a man in full mandalorian armor. "You're correct there," Hettir said, then he shoved the imperial pilot out the door of the vehicle, and immediately took control. The transports*looked like floating boxes that were*connected by power couplings. Jase was given a hook that was attached to his speeder so he could hook it onto the transport that he was hijacking. One of the six guards who were guarding the rear coupled car heard a loud thunk on the roof and went to check.*

Brokar landed on the roof by way of a jetpack, and set out to uncouple the rear car knowing that it contained the guards. Before he got to the coupler a guard opened a hatch and popped his head out. The guard was faster than Broker and took him off his feet. Jase got on top of the car and saw a guard drawing his blaster and a stumbled Brokar on his back. Jase pulled his blaster and shot the guard in his stomach. While Jase went to help Brokar while more guards got up on the roof. Parjir*flew up on the middle car and got the explosives from his pack. Suddenly a blaster bolt whizzed by his head. He looked back and saw an imperial jump across the gap between his car and Parjir's. Then a blaster bolt ricocheted off the guard's shoulder plate from Jase's pistol and he stumbled, which gave Parjir an*opportunity to draw his blaster and fire. The guard went down this time with a hole in his chest.*

Parjir got back to work setting the light explosives on the hatch. Meanwhile Chaaj was humming to himself his favorite tune while watching the whole thing play out through his sniper scope. Parjir was almost done when a guard popped out of a hatch from his car, but before he opened fire, a sniper round smashed into his head and he flew off the transport, and Parjir got back to work and finished. The explosives blew with a small controlled bang and Parjir opened the hatch revealing*the package in it's own separate compartment. Jase and Brokar were hanging from the end of the car avoiding getting shot by the guards. Chaaj lost sight of the convoy over a ridge which meant it was time to chase them down. Chaaj got his gear together as fast as he could and jumped on the speeder to follow the trail. Hettir set the console to auto pilot so he could help get rid of the guards.*

There were four guards left on the transport when Hettir started firing his pistols. One of the guards from Parjir's*car shot the power couple that attached the rear car to the convoy, stranding Jase and Brokar before they could get across. Hettir shot the guard twice in the chest. Jase hopped on his speeder to catch up while Brokar went after them on his jetpack. When they caught up, the last of the guards were taken care of and they had won the fight. Then Chaaj pulled up on his speeder "Did I miss the fight?" he asked.

"So what is in the car that was so important?" Jase asked. They were heading back to the farm with the transport. "Information, important messages, tech parts, schedules, blueprints, credits, and much more. It was*all scheduled to arrive in Shukur's hands tomorrow, and you my boy get the credits," Hettir explained. Before they returned to the farm, they scraped it for trackers*and removed them. They reached the farm and had a nice supper where Brokar explained Jase's heroics in exaggerated*detail. After that Jase was figuring out a way to thank them and leave. Hettir and the crew along with Laar walked up to Jase and Hettir said, "Jase we all talked about it and we all agreed that we want you to stay." Jase smiled and Parjir asked "So will you?" Jase was speechless. All he could do was nod his head with a big smile on it, then he ran over to them and embraced them.