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Chapter 9

A New Home

"So where are we headed" Quiltin asked as they left the planets atmosphere. Jase thought about this while he was waiting for his father in the spaceport, he was afraid to commit to the idea but with all that has happened in the past week he could finally say it "We're going to Mandalore". Quiltin looked at Jase and said "To Mandalore it is then". Jase left the cockpit as Quiltin set the coordinates and the navi-computer to their destination. It took a few minutes for that to get done, so Jase looked around because he had never seen the inside of a ship before and he was curious. The ship's hall that led to the cockpit was bare of any decorations allowing better access. The hall led to a lounge where there was a large holotable in the center of the room and multiple terminals surrounding the room, there were also two couches on either side of the table with minimal room to walk through the gaps. On the wall next to the couch there was a large cylinder large enough for a person to fit inside which held the vacuum tube. Across from the vacuum tube was a shelf with four helmets, one with a republic symbol on the side of it and another with an imperial symbol, there were two more helmets that belonged to other famous guilds across the galaxy but he couldn't tell what they belonged to. Under the shelf were four hooks that held four different jumpsuits each one corresponding*to the helmet above it.

Jase heard a beeping and then Quiltin's*voice that said "Hey kid is this your first time in space?" Jase ran to the cockpit and quickly nodded, "then you might want to see this''. Quiltin said as he pulled a lever that engaged the hyperdrive. Jase lost his breath as he was engulfed in a blue luminescent tunnel that he couldn't see and end to. "Beautiful isn't it" Quiltin said, Jase shushed him and looked back into the blue abyss, totally amazed. Jase eventually snapped out of it after a few minutes, Quiltin then asked him about what happened at the spaceport in which Jase told him about the whole story.

Quiltin had no idea on how Jase could become such a nuisance to so many people in such a short time. Jase then left to explore the ship once more, The inside had a vague resemblance to the inside of the Sandcrawler except brighter and less dirty. Jase returned to the cockpit and saw The Zabrak rewiring pieces*of the cockpit Jase then opened up with an age old question that comes up in every trip "Are we there yet?" Quiltin looked at Jase and raised an eyebrow, Quiltin didn't respond for a moment and then asked "So why are you going to Mandalore?" Jase responded with "Because it's the safest place to go right now and maybe I can*find out more about my father".

Another beeping sound went off in the cockpit, "We're approaching Mandalore '', Quiltin announced. Jase looked out the cockpit window as the tunnel of stars disappeared revealing a luscious green and blue planet. "Where are we headed kid?" the Zabrak asked. Land at the capital city, Keldabe" Jase said, "you got it". Another beeping went off, but this time it was a slightly higher pitch then before. "That must be the space port" Quiltin said.

"Patching him through," Quiltin said. There was utter silence except for the routine noises that the ship made here and there then the console booted up and a voice said, "this is Keldabe space port, we have checked your registry and you are cleared to land in docking bay forty-seven please acknowledge". "Copy, this is freighter two-zero-six-fourteen coming in to land", Quiltin responded.

They reached the appointed*docking bay and landed the ship. They both exited the ship when the docking manager came out to greet them. He was tall and slightly large around the belly probably*from too much to drink and he walked with an authoritative air, he most likely threw his weight around and expected respect from his underlings. "Good morning gentlemen, are you staying long? The fee for docking is two-hundred credits, if you are staying for a day the price is..." He didn't get any farther as Quiltin interrupted him and said "I'm sorry but I'm not staying long, just dropping this boy off". Jase left to get his bag out of the hold then returned to bid farewell to Quiltin who just turned away the dock manager. "Well I guess this is goodbye, Thanks for everything you've done" Jase said. Quiltin gave*Jase a firm handshake and said, "stay out of trouble kid and I hope you find what you're looking for." With that Jase stepped off the ship and headed out the docking bay door and into the busy space port's streets that lead to the inner city.