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It depends on the damage as far as I noticed. I was in a group where I boldly stated smash was gone in vet and we got kicked. But if there is enough damage then there will be no smash.
And you only need to channel the pipe he is on in ver.
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Depends how good your DPS were, in Vet mode you can push him into the vent phases quickly enough to skip his smashes, he definitely does still smash though, I ran a Vet LI 2 days ago
That explained it. Thanks!
The first group I was in was really good at picking up mechanics and such even though 2 of them were running it for the first time. The second group I was in was with guild mates who run NiM raids. We did push the boss pretty fast.

The vet LI groups I had previously all had the smash phase (and died at least once lol) so I was surprised when I didn't encounter it.