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There are two separate issues here that are actually unrelated, so I'll address each in turn:

1. Inequality in drop rates in the new packs - I saw Andryah's thread about this earlier and spoke with the Cartel Market team, and we're looking into it now. Either the drop rate or the actual rarity symbol has a problem if the difference in drop rates is as large as indicated. I'll post something when I find out more.

2. Collections unlock prices - These prices are set independently of rarity since they are two different systems. I passed along the feedback/information in your thread in General, and they are investigating.

Tait, would you kindly explain what this means exactly? I could be wrong but I'm fairly sure most of us always assumed that somehow both systems were connected or intertwined.

If a specific armor set is rarer than the other - one being Rare, the other Super-Rare -
wouldn't it make more sense for one of them to be substantially more expensive than the other, every single time?

I'm honestly puzzled.