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Quote: Originally Posted by KendraP View Post
What I have gathered -

Ways of getting specific items - this sounds like an improvement.

That said I still feel you are being over ambitious and creating an overcomplicated and overly difficult system. Play your way is a great concept, however, all I really wanted was to be able to get whatever gear was best however I played. I never said I wanted 30 different choices of set bonuses, or to be able to retoll some ridiculously unexplained supposedly meaningless but still noticeable (whatever that means) extra bonus stat only gear.

All I really wanted was to get whatever gear was best doing whatever I wanted to and move along to playing what I want to play. I don't play your game wanting or needing endless gear thrown at me. I'm a simplier person than that.

I also notice mentions of continuing to add gear through the expansion. Have you learned absolutely nothing from adding 248/252/258 gear?

And finally, I have no idea how you intend to get this overly complicated and next to impossible to balance system completely ready in a month.
You bring up some good points and questions I want to try to address.

Overcomplicated - I realize that these really long posts about spoils of war make it seem really complex. Most of this is born out of the fact that we are just being very open about all of the workings under the hood, which we don't typically do. To address your feedback directly think of it this way:
Play whatever content you want, you will get constant gear for whatever you are playing. If you don't get the thing you want, go to the vendor and buy it.
It is just that simple. If you want to really get into the inner workings, then the info is there for you!

Learning from adding 248+ - Let me clarify. When I say adding new gear we are not talking about vertical (higher item ratings). I am talking about horizontal (more set bonuses / tactical options).

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