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I'm not really debating who is the most pwoerful force user because ofcourse the smuggler would always win.

But after replying Shadow Of Revan I had noticed something...Only Dark Side users (SW in canon swtor is darkside D=)
Have seen the end of the galaxy. Like Both the Jedi have the same vision basically which I believe was given from Revan to draw them to Rishi to distract them.

But then the Sith Warrior sees the the end of all worlds like The Jedi Exile explained. I believe the Jedi Exile had been connecting with Kreia in the force thus it doesn't count out only Dark Side users. Lord Scourge saw it too. Has anyone ever noticed and pointed this out before? Its odd at the Jedi Knight the basic main character of swtor had a shared vision but the Sith Warrior has the vision that goes word for word over what The Exile said.

What does everyone thinking of it. Maybe Keria or someone was showing him the truth maybe that or something else, sorry just trying to make the idea sound awesome.