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HI mates,
I'm using playonmac with wine 1.7.53 to run SWTOR. Didn't had any trouble until now.
Since the last launcher update, I can't play to swtor anymore.
Basically the launcher never open.

Anyone having the same problem ?
Like, how did you bump this thread instead of finding the ones on the front page about it?

Brief version: the updated launcher doesn't work under Windows XP or Wine. Bioware will probably fix that. Wine will patch to support the new thing later, probably by taking a patch from a guy on this forum.

In the meantime, your solution is in this thread:

You will need to download and extract the binaries from a third party site (I consider them trustworthy, but your level of concern may vary). You will need to rename or remove any existing /bitraider and/or /patch subdirectories in your swtor directory. Then you will need to modify your launcher.settings file by inserting the specified option to prevent it from using the new launcher.

This is a workaround where you use the old launcher, and prevent it from updating. Hopefully Wine will be updated in mainline before October, OR that Bioware fixes it and then you can just remove the line in the settings file and it will update at that time (hopefully to a newer launcher that works).
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