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Maybe you should actually read what we were talking about. We weren't asking for anything, merely pondering an idea.

I also love how everybody is so worried about Bioware's 'ressources' all the time, but only when it comes to LGBT stuff.
That's because judging from ME3, male and male pairing was so underused by the playerbase. Do you think the majority of the playerbase want them to focus on adding it for what is basically a very small percentage of the player bases desire, when there are other things a bigger majority of the player base would use?

I forgot the exact percentage, but for ME3, 82-87% of the players chose male Shepard.

I'd love LOVE for them to add a more femine/bishi looking male body type as an option, and I'd love for them to add cross dressing for me to use along with it, but I know I'm in the minority of the playerbase for that, and while I want it, I can be honest with myself and say it'd likely be an underused option.

And I'm all for more options. Make SGR an option! I want my MMO to have so many options I can't use them all! As someone who makes characters based on actual concepts and not "It has to be me in real life or nothing" I want this!

But I go back to statistics and realize it's not always going to be cost effective.

That said, they're adding them anyways, and it's up to those in this forum to show them if it's cost effective to go back and make those changes. So play the hell out of Makeb and choose those SGR options! Get all your friends to choose them. Prove to them (playerbase and BW/EA) that it will be so worth their time and effort and will indeed show a big payoff. What would also likely help, is if those who do choose SGR options show themselves to be the biggest spendors on the Cartel Market. So do that too!