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I don't think this has anything to do with the state of Anthem, this is our annual we will communicate more post. Its a tradition, for a week it lasts, no real information, but dev tracker is more interesting or at least more active then dies off again.

While Anthem is perhaps failing in the worst possible way for Swtor, base game good, lack of content. Well they will argue that if they had more devs like the 2 that are left on Swtor they could produce more content. And lets face it they aren't really doing much here other than catering to Keiths raid progression group so its unlikely much of an argument will be made they can't be transferred to Anthem. At least if it had failed on just being awful game play a few extra devs wouldn't make much difference at this point.
This^ plus this:
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Did you expect something else? That was clear. They always tell us the same crap. If the answer does not fit is kept silent.
Is what I think but want I to be wrong; I hope they're are reading, understanding and acting on all of our feedback. Breath not being held
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