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Some additional random info:
1. As Steve pointed out, get into your character screen ("C") and experiment with the various things, like "hide head slot", sync colors (makes other armor pieces match you chestpiece colour), outfit tabs, etc.
Your "base" armor has all your stats and you should basically get "orange" (or other colour) mod-able pieces in your base and equip them with cheap green mods at the fleet. As you level, though, you might get better non-moddable pieces to swap in and out.
Meanwhile put gear you like the look of in an "outfit" slot (tabs on right side). Pieces can be in the base and a slot or slots, at the same time.

2. Companions can wear any of the same gear you can. There is some companion-only gear, but comps are not limited to it. The companion's gear is just cosmetic.

Welcome to the game. Have fun! 😀
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