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I am really enjoying the game so far, some new player questions:
Glat to hear you're enjoying it, and welcome!
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1) I am boosting a blind race jedi, and I am customizing him with a cool mask from the creation screen. When I start the character, however, he doesn't have his cool mask - just some ugly googles.
Open your character panel ("C") and press the button shown in this screenshot. The bottom of the panel changes, and you should check the "Hide Head Slot" button.

EDIT: er, sorry, *this* screenshot:

Point of Lore: the Miraluka are not blind. They see with the Force instead of with eyes.
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2) My only disappointment so far is that companions (though I haven't got one yet) do not have stat-influencing gear, and instead use I guess loyalty. I am missing any thing since that change - was that gear you equip better, or is loyalty just as good.
"Influence", not "Loyalty". And no, Influence is not "just as good". It is significantly better. Just rank it up and you'll be just fine.
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3) Do only "strong" creatures have loot? When getting into extremely light "grinding" I found that I could expect loot off of mobs that had a symbol by their nameplate (which I have decided is indicator of them being 'strong' or better).
No, anything, almost, can drop loot, even yellow-name "ambient" enemies. Strong and better (grey-white symbol = Strong, gold star = Elite, white/gold complex star = Champion or Boss or World Boss) have loot more often (except the ones that don't), but ordinary and weak foes can drop loot.
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4) Sometimes a game comes along that you just know that you can play for a long time. This one of those games. I LOVE the interface editor, although I wish that garbage loot was at least better identified or at most told the value of items.
Any loot whose inventory item has a grey frame is "junk", and it ususally says so ("This item is of no use but can be sold to vendors" or something like that) on its tooltip. And yes, I'd like to see the sell-to-vendor price of loot when I'm *not* at a vendor.
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