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03.20.2020 , 07:07 PM | #1
I am really enjoying the game so far, some new player questions:

1) I am boosting a blind race jedi, and I am customizing him with a cool mask from the creation screen. When I start the character, however, he doesn't have his cool mask - just some ugly googles.

2) My only disappointment so far is that companions (though I haven't got one yet) do not have stat-influencing gear, and instead use I guess loyalty. I am missing any thing since that change - was that gear you equip better, or is loyalty just as good.

3) Do only "strong" creatures have loot? When getting into extremely light "grinding" I found that I could expect loot off of mobs that had a symbol by their nameplate (which I have decided is indicator of them being 'strong' or better).

4) Sometimes a game comes along that you just know that you can play for a long time. This one of those games. I LOVE the interface editor, although I wish that garbage loot was at least better identified or at most told the value of items.

Any new player tips - my idea is that I would boost a character to get some easy credits to buy stuff for my level 10 smuggler. After subscribing, I purchased level 2 speed skill-whatever and was quite happy that I got a Tautaun in the mail