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Is asking for the removal of all flirt and romance options offensive?

Just checking... guess I'll know if my post remains.
I don't have any issue with it because you are treating OGRA=SGRA and not making a distinction between the 2 of them. Is it needed? no but I wouldn't be offended by it. What people like me just want is to be treated the same and not have our lifestyles singled out and the need for a toggle because its different. I am all for making adjustments like moving all flirts off the right side of the wheel and placing it on the left so that everyone that doesn't want to choose a flirt option can have access to all three of the others.

I have posted this before I want as many on wheel options to be in game as possible the more the better. I want things to be treated the same that is all. I want you to have on your wheel when talking to someone of the same gender to have every option that you have now. I am not going to say what your outlook is on GLBT issues I do not know but what people are asking is that when this is implemented is that we are just treated the same way as hetro people are now. If it makes you uncomfortable I am sorry, If it breaks immersion I am sorry.

All alot of us are asking for is to be treated the same and we are not trying to shove it in your faces. I am lucky I can enjoy this game by playing the gender I want and get access to at least half of the people I want to but I know there is others that have their characters sitting in cantinas stuck because all they want to do is experience the game with the gender they picked and the companions they find fun.