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Question based on your spreadsheet.

Elana Dorne, I don't believe I took the flirting option with her because I wanted the points with Jorgen at the time, so I don't believe she's bugged and I do get affection points from her during conversations. She's up to something like 1589 points right now.

But my question is this, when I gave her a blue level 2 courting item she said something like "Thank you ... but no" and I got nothing for it. Is that part of the bug?

I hope you know because I noticed that under Courting everyone's charts say "Indifferent/Love" for courting items, "but" when I tried she gave me nothing for it. Other items she gave something for, but I was expecting more for a blue item than "Go fly a kite"
Most companions have special requirements before they start to take your courting gifts, its likely that you have yet to unlock it. Its not confirmed yet but its very likely there is both a story line and affection level requirement. You also have to go thru enough conversation before they start taking it.

I pushed LT Iresso to 8k in one sitting at level 41 without going thru any of his conversations, but he would not take my courting gifts till i went thru some of his conversations.

I also pushed Aric jorgan to 6k on my 23 trooper, and went thru all the conversation available to me, but because i was too low level i was unable to finish one of his conversation/quest that requires me to go to a level 32 zone. So even tho i am at 6k affection he will not take my courting gifts.

So just keep working her, she'll take it eventually!