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This is interesting. I always thought Lucasfilm Games was dead w/the acquisition. I read a couple of things from this release. 1. EA couldn't seal the deal to continue to have sole rights to Star Wars games (or didn't want to continue to be the sole dev) &/or 2. Disney finally realized hey there's money in this gaming industry, maybe we should expand.

I just remembered, "Oh yeah, Indiana Jones is owned by Disney too". It's one of those things that's always out there but i just didn't realize because my 'universe' revolves around Star Wars. That's IP that is ripe for development too.

Well, hopefully this is good news for SWTOR. I'm cautiously hopeful (especially with all the cryptic messaging going on..."We have something big to tell you but can't yet...") Plus it appears that they're adding headcount/investing (looking at you Jackie ), so hopefully Lucasfilm realize they got something here
Bethesda is working on Indiana Jones and now that they are acquired by Microsoft, there will be money put into the game and it might end up being really good.
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