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05.05.2021 , 11:52 AM | #16
Well, this post is from 2015, and yet, still as relevant as when it was first made.

So, recently, we got a new SH, the apartment on Fleet. It is not really an apartment is it. One of the rooms, would be enough to create the illusion of an apartment. And yet, when they come with something, it has to have huge rooms, huge hallways, huge doors... I just want something small, dude.
Another thing that makes little sense these days tbh, due to Cartel market and extreme inflation of credit value, is the difficulty of getting hold of furniture or whatever really, to even decorate these huge beasts we call strongholds.
I get it, it is about making money in a game, but to be quite frank... the difficulty of getting hold of such items, especially for beginners, is beyond absurd. Now, all this of course comes down to how you wanna decorate your place. Realistic, in the sense of RP, or just dump stuff in it, to... I dunno, just do it.

Point is, bigger is not always better. Strongholds to many, as well as me, are becoming less and less interesting, cause it follows the exact same formula every time. You buy it, do your outmost to decorate the bugger, maybe succeed or give up cause getting hold of what you want, is close to impossible these days.

I have been here since the start, and... I still want my friggin, small, messy apartment on fleet! Not that... over dimensioned beast we got recently!

Either way, I said my piece, and am now going back to my... funny fluid in a bottle!
Stay safe peeps!