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03.24.2020 , 12:11 PM | #10
Quote: Originally Posted by JediQuaker View Post
Flashpoints are intended to be fun group content for people to play. They're not intended to be just something to rush through for quick rewards in as little time as possible.
And yet, people will still want to rush through content, even more so now, so trash-free is definitely the way to go, especially given 1) who's still playing, 2) trash is often described as tedious and 3) BW's limited resources.

As for story reasons for why it would even be trash-free to begin with, it could be taking place in a derelict, orbital facility (much like the Theoretika), it could also be that a distraction could have driven the trash away, it could also be that some weapon has been fired at that area to which trash was not immune but bosses (and possibly adds as well) were.

Then again, do you think people will grit their teeth and learn to play better if clearing a trash-free FP (with bosses at the level of at least 3.0-era FP bosses) faster than even Hammer/RR (and has the rewards of such) actually requires an entire team to play well?