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Well, at what point does a trash-free Flashpoint stop being a flashpoint? If you just run through some area and fight a boss, that's about the same as just an ordinary World Boss fight.
I.E. New flashpoint, Tatooine Revenge: Travel to the Dune Sea and kill Trapjaw. The end. 🤔
It doesn't stop being a FP until it becomes a single-boss kind of thing: running RR with 4 stealthers proved it decisively. You still need multiple bosses even if there was no trash between them, though.

On average, however, trash tends to be described as unengaging at best (unengaging enough for people to prefer taking routes with trick jumps or otherwise avoid fighting trash whenever feasible, no matter how risky) and tedious at worst (Kaon, Chiss) and bosses are usually much more engaging than trash in the same FP (or op), and often what makes FPs or ops even engaging at all.