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Dathomir witches...where they come from? We got the fashion here but not witches themselves in the game...i saw a little in the first few season of clone wars (ventress actually from what i ve been spoilers please)...but there is some book (or any other material) for example?
This one I can answer. They are called the "Nightsisters", and they come from, er, Dathomir. We don't see them in the game because their organisation arises about six hundred years before the films, which puts them three thousand years in the game's future. The outfit we see here is a moderately grotesque anachronism, although less grotesque than the vented lightsabre that looks like the one seen in TFA/TLJ/RoS.

They originally appeared in some of the pre-Disney comic books, I believe.

In effect, all that material you see on those wikis comes from the huge morass of novels, comic books, TV series and one-offs, etc. that is commonly called the "EU" = Extended Universe.

EDIT: on Wookieepedia, look near the bottom of each page, and you'll find citations showing where the information came from. On other wikis, you might or might not find an equivalent.
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