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10.10.2021 , 02:12 PM | #3
I just did the Toxic Bombs Heroic (on Balmorra) on my Vengeance Juggernaut to experience what the OP wrote. The mobs do knock back often which can be frustrating; strange how I didn't notice this till now.

In this and other fights where mobs knock you back, there are 2 risks:
- you cannot DPS them down as fast as you prefer and might even be defeated
- a knockback might put you too close to another mob thereby aggroing that group as well

Three ways I try to mitigate this:
- make sure companion is on heal
- be careful with AoE skills so that the mob cc'ed by the companion does not take damage
- place the player between the mob and the closest hard surface like the missiles in this case (or a wall, generally) so that
  • the distance the character is knocked back is limited
  • the character is not knocked into a nearby mob
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